A major industrial and research HUB

Clubster NHL draws its strength from its roots in the Hauts-de-France region, a dynamic region with 1,100 nutrition and health companies employing 31,700 people, working in the biotech-pharma, medtech-hospitech, e-health, agro-nutrition and healthy ageing sectors. This industry includes a vast network of SMEs and SMIs alongside large groups with global influence worth 12.5 billion euros in the regional economy (including 3.5 billion for export), placing the region in third in the poll of health excellence nationwide.

A leading healthcare cluster:

  • First French region for technical textiles for health applications
  • First French region for nutrition and functional ingredient R&D and production
  • Second French region for medical and hospital equipment
  • Third French region for digital health

Companies in the sector interact with a vast network of some of the most fertile research institutions in France with 80 laboratories associating four thousand public and private researchers, focused on major public health themes. Regional research is at the forefront, at national and European level, on several themes:


Cardio-metabolic diseases

Neurodegenerative pathologies

Food and nutrition


The leading hospital-university campus in Europe

The 16,000 professionals at Lille University Hospital belong to one of the largest campuses in Northern Europe. This accredited teaching and research-oriented innovative university hospital covers severe diseases which require state-of-the-art medical technologies and infrastructure as well as specialised medical expertise. Its aim is to develop innovation and medical research. Around 1.4 million patients receive care in this hospital each year, which allows Lille University Hospital to develop its technical expertise, both for specialised and general healthcare.