INTERREG 2 SEAS – TICC – Transforming Integrated Care in Community


  • Implement the Buurtzorg model already applied in Netherlands, consisting in a provision of home help and care services, at a neighbourhood level
  • Create a 2Seas specific model (North of France, South-East England, Belgian and Dutch coasts) by studying major hurdles and adaptability conditions of the original Buurtzorg model
  • Identify pilot sites to launch new neighbourhood teams
  • Evaluate both the neighbourhood home care and services and its implementation in the 2Seas area

TICC will deliver:

  • Blueprint for successful transfer of social innovative service models in health & social care from one country to another benefitting all public/private services
  • 3 new countries adopting integrated neighbourhood based self-managing teams providing holistic person-centred care.
  • Changes to existing patient-data gathering systems to create better communication between nurses, care-workers & citizens
  • Publications to stimulate entrepreneurs & leaders to create new organisations or transform existing organisations, ensuring this is not solely an institutional response

Activities carried out by Eurasanté:

As the leader of communication and dissemination activities for the TICC project, Eurasante will undertake the following tasks :

  • Coordinate all communication and dissemination activities for target audiences, namely: decision makers, institutional bodies, home carers and nurses, patients
  • Contribute to raise awareness of relevant stakeholders awareness to the TICC project
  • Communicate through local media (radio, TV, interviewees) and social media
  • Coordinate the annual press conference organisation
  • Disseminate the TICC project and its results within regional, national and international events such as AgeingFit, the international business convention dedicated to Silver Economy

Duration: 67 months

Official start: 01.09.2017

Budget: € 8 022 824

Head of project: The Health and Europe Centre (UK)


  • Buutrzorg Concepts BV (NL), HZ University (NL), Kent County Council (UK), Kent Community Health, Foundation Trust (UK), Medway, Community Healthcare (UK), Public World (UK), Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen (BE), Emmaüs Elderly Care (BE), Soignons Humain (FR), VIVAT Homecare (FR), Lille Catholic Hospitals (FR), La Vie Active (FR), Eurasanté (FR)

There are also many observer partners:

  • University of Artois, East of England Local Government Association, Provincie Antwerpen, Wit-Gele Kruis van Antwerpen, Familiehulp, Landelijke Thuiszorg Zuiderkempen, Christelijke Mutualiteit, Heist-op-den-Berg, OCMW Heist-op-den-Berg, Vlaams minister van Welzijn, Volksgezondheid en Gezin, Sociaal Huis Mechelen, Zorgnet-Icuro, NHS (England), Canterbury Christ Church University, Centre communal d’action sociale de Lomme, Conseil départemental du Nord

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