INTERREG 2 Seas – CoBra – Development of a new medical robot for diagnosis and treatment of localized cancers



Enhance the pratice of Brachytherapy with the development of a new medical robot prototype for diagnosis and treatment of local cancers like Prostate one.

Activities carried out by Eurasanté:

  • Communication activities, building a network and organizing events
  • Provide socioeconomic studies and a mapping of persons affected by Brachytherapy (patients and health practitioners)
  • Technological transfer

Duration: 57 months

Official start: 01.01.2018

Budget: € 3 801 252 

Head of project: University of Lille (FR)


  • Centre Oscar Lambret (FR)
  • Delft University of Technology (NL)
  • University of Portsmouth (R.-U.)
  • Eurasanté (FR)
  • Demcon Advanced Mechatronics West B.V. (NL)
  •  SATT-Nord (FR)
  • Centre de cancérologie vétérinaire Oncovet (FR)
  • Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust (R.-U.)
  • Demcon Advanced Mechatronics B.V. (NL)

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Maximilien VANLEENE


Maximilien VANLEENE
Cooperative projets advisor
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